Jun 10, 2011

.:{ Book Review: The Waiting Place }:.

Have you ever wondered what happens in those moments when we are waiting? So much of our life is spent waiting and wondering.

The Waiting Place by Eileen Button helps us to realize some of the things that we could be missing in life during that period of time when we are waiting for something. In a collection of essays, Eileen Button writes about periods in her life where we are often times hurrying through or when we have learned what patience allows us to experience. Waiting for life to come to us, waiting for our children to grow, waiting for someone to die. Then there are the times when we did wait for life's events to happen and have enjoyed it. Waiting for the birth of a child or waiting for good news.

We rush through life, I'm sure you realize this. This book gives you an idea of how fast we allow life to go by. We have forgotten how to enjoy life in the "now". Stop waiting for life to hurry up. Enjoy the moments you have now, this minute. Get off the computer and see what else life has to offer. Or at the very least, slow down.

As I read this book, I saw many examples of opportunities in my life that I have missed. I've seen how I've missed important moments in my daughter's life because I was too busy with something else. I've missed time to spend with my husband because I was too busy texting someone else. I was too busy to wait for that important letter to come, and when it came it was too late to go back in time. Or when I didn't spend the time with my grandmother but instead waited for her to die.

I really enjoyed reading this book, it was very honest. It was also very personal at times. I was able to relate to several moments that she wrote about. I would recommend this for someone needing to learn to be patience, or maybe even stop waiting and grab a hold of what life is offering. It really does change your perspective and makes you think.

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