Aug 14, 2011

.:{ Book Review - Sweet Sanctuary }:.

When I first selected this book from, I wasn't sure if I would like this. The description didn't quite appeal to me. Sweet Sanctuary was written by Sheila Walsh, with assistance of an author by the name of Cindy Martinusen Coloma, and at first the name of the author hinted that I was familiar with her until I told my mom about the book and the author. I was reminded that she wrote the children's books of Gigi, God's Little Princess. My daughter adores the films (I hope to buy the children's books for Christmas).

Sweet Sanctuary is about a single mother who works at a small town Library in Maine and has a son named Charlie. Wren has lived years without being close with her family and raising her son alone. She has devoted her life to giving her talented son everything she couldn't have, especially by supporting his music. His father had abandoned them to live a free life and her family became estranged around the time her father died. Suddenly her grandmother shows up on her doorstep announcing that she wants to throw a birthday party for her ninetieth birthday and wants her grandchildren and great grandchildren to visit the very spot where her family became estranged. Not only does this throw Wren off but her sister and brother are not happy with this plan. On top of this, Charlie's father has suddenly re-appeared in their lives and has asked for a second chance at life with them. Although Wren has found new love in a local man named Paul, her life is thrown for a loop. Her patience is tested, as well as her faith. Will she allow God to work in her life or will she continue to lead her own life?

Despite the slow start and several times of being a tad bored with the narration or constant "replay" of the character's thoughts, I have given this book at four star. I would recommend this book to though that are seeking God in this ever-changing world where technology has become the now and how paper books, even the Bible, are becoming a thing of the past. This is also good for a single mom who is struggling with being alone, without family support and an absent husband/father. I would even suggest this to those who struggle with separation from their families.

This paragraph is about a subject that was in the book that struck a cord with me. It is NOT a major part of the book but it didn't settle well with me. The part that struck me the most is the author's ability to tell things in a way people might not think. Wren, being an librarian, talks about what patrons that come into the library and how the books they select can describe their personalities. She also talks about how libraries around the world are becoming a rare location because of the replacement of technology. The part that hurt the most was reading about local schools throughout America replacing the library books and textbooks for everything digital. It made me look this up and find that much to my surprise, this was true. Libraries in school are becoming a thing of the past. How very sad and angry this made me feel that the love of books is declining. Sure the eBooks are available, but it's not the same when you can't smell the sweet scent of paper and glue. As I'm reading this, I'm reminded of my favorite bookstore, Borders, being in the process of shutting down. I will no longer be able to grab five books to flip through and select before reading them at home. Sneak previews might be available through Amazon before you purchase, but I always liked to read a random chapter or two before selecting a book. I'm not sure people are fully aware of what happening in this world.

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