May 20, 2011

.:{ Aktinson Farm }:.

Today we visited Atkinson Farm and picked our own strawberries and blackberries. We picked up peaches at their little store. It was fun! Precious sneaked a few berries into her mouth, I'm sure. We will have to visit more often because their produce is delicious. I doubt it will last through this weekend with family visiting!

Atkinson Farm is one of the few commercial farmers left in my area that does not use pesticides or other sprays. I'm not sure if they would be considered organic but it's better than having to eat bug spray right?

The other photographs that do not include berries are what is found in their little store. I thought I'd brush up on my skills. Not bad huh?

I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting on my husband to come home with his brother and his family. This is the first time Precious and I are meeting them. I've been with my husband since 2004, but we are originally from Southern California and his brother lives back east. Can't wait!

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