May 17, 2011

.:{ Slow Weekend }:.

Over the weekend I had some issues with Blogspot and it changed some of the settings I had made. I'm still re-making those changes. I am also trying to figure out why I can't get Windows Live Journal to work on my computer and blog. I'll have to just wait for my stepdad to come by and check it over. Help?

Last friday, I had been blessed by my neighbor through some old games and puzzles she gave to Precious. A couple of them were already on my list of things I had wanted to collect for homeschooling. Sorry this picture is out of focus and bright, I had taken it with my phone in a hurry ha!
I have also received several of the books that I ordered. I'm really excited to get started! I had also went to The Homeschool House's 1st Annual book and curriculum fair. Unfortunately most of the items sold by people at their booths were for older school ages. But I was happy to get a few of the store's used books for half-off. I picked up The Ultimate Book Of Homeschooling Ideas, Ministry of Motherhood and Gardening Wizardry for Kids. At first I hesitated on the gardening book because I had originally been looking for Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots, but I was actually surprised how great Gardening Wizardry for Kids turned out to be. I will have to do a review another time. I do plan to still get the other gardening book I just mentioned. I do not believe that only one book has everything on one subject.

Don't worry I'm almost done! Three more topics! I'm super excited to be joining in on reading Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. I'm very interested in her book Seasons of a Mother's Heart, but I haven't gotten around to buying it. Now back to Ministry of Motherhood. Jolanthe over at Homeschool Creations has started her own BlogFrog regarding the follow along of Good Morning Girls. Join us!

Second thing is a giveaway from Guidecraft by Carisa from 1+1+1=1. The item is called Twisters and Twister Curves. Check out her blog!

Last thing I want to post is that Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler is also hosting a giveaway, check out her blog for more information on Write Shop!

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