May 18, 2011

.:{ Book Review - The Promise Of An Angel }:.

I finished my first Book Sneeze and the book I choose was The Promise Of An Angel by Ruth Reid. This is Ruth Reid's debut book and the first in the Heaven On Earth series. I would recommend this book to readers who like fictional stories about the Amish and their faith. It is a relatively easy read for the average reader. I would say this has a reading level of High School/Young Adult. The book did have a few errors in grammar and punctuation. The point of view does switch back and forth, which can sometimes be confusing on which character is speaking. There were times it was easy to know what would happen, which caused me to jump paragraphs a couple times. Overall I enjoyed reading such an inspiring story about faith. I give this a 4-star and look forward to her next book.

Summary below:

The story takes place in an Amish community of Mescota County, Michigan. It is about a girl named Judith who has seen an Angel after her brother has a barn-raising accident. The Angel has told her that God says her brother would heal, and has inspired that her future will be as she wants. When she starts to tell her family and friends, they refuse to believe her. Her community believes this is another one of her colorful stories that she tells to the children. However when Judith continues to say that these are not stories and that she believes what the Angel has told her, it starts a strife in her community and slowly Judith becomes afraid for her future in the community. The man she believed she would marry begins to spend time with her sister Martha. The other women in the community have excluded her in their sewing times. Her own family begins to ask her to stop because they were afraid she would be sent away. It becomes a true test of Judith's faith to stand strong and listen to what God's Angel has told her. Only one person stands behind her - Andrew. He becomes an unexpected friend, considering that his father is bishop of their community. Judith must find the strength to keep her faith strong, but does she falter? Can Judith find love in the community? Does her brother become whole again? This book promises to hold your attention long enough for you to find the answers.

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