May 25, 2011

:{ Wonderful Weekend }:.

My husband's brother and family came to visit us from the East Coast. My daughter and I had never met them and it had been 8 years since my husband had seen his brother. My nephew was a baby and my niece hadn't been born yet. I was nervous to meet them, who isn't?, but turned out that we all got along fantastically!

They came in on Friday evening and the kids got to know each other. The next day my sister in law and I went shopping for food and started getting ready for a BBQ with some friends of ours. The men played music while us ladies and kids kept ourselves busy in the blow up pool away from the loud music (ha! love you babe but it does get loud!).

Sunday - we took them to the local water park which was a special
treat for my niece and nephew! We stayed a little too long and got a bit more sun than we wanted, no sunburns at least! Precious passed out for a good two hour nap and then we all piled back in the cars for some local pizza buffet dinner. By this time, Precious and my niece were getting along very well (they are three months apart). My nephew was already used to little girls bickering ha!

On Monday and our last day with them, we decided to drive around and look at some houses for sale and ate at a burger joint called Five Guys. It was my family's first time eating there and it was fabulous food! We decided to kick back at the house throwing water balloons and playing in the blow up pool. Then we went to my mother in law's for dinner. I should point out, my husband and his brother have the same father, not mother.

That night when we got back, we explained to the kids that it was their last day together for whoever knows how long. Thankfully they all understood and had a good time playing together. The girls had been sleeping together in Precious' room and this time we let them stay up chatting in the dark. It was adorable the things they talked about, but we all cried when my niece said she didn't want to leave and wanted to stay with Precious.

Tuesday morning was hard. I decided to wake up with them (leaving Precious to sleep), and when my niece came to hug me, she wouldn't let me go. I really do hope they will decide to move out here for a fresh start. I was surprised how nicely I got along with my sister in law (my husband has three other sisters, one who lives local). I guess it's just time for a lot of finger-crossing and prayers.

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