May 9, 2011

.:{ Getting Started }:.

I'm embarking into the world of Homeschooling, if that's the right way to say it. Precious (my daughter's blog nickname) is 3 1/2 years old, my only child that I have been blessed with. When she was about a year old, I made the firm decision that I was homeschooling her. There are many reasons for this decision. I will only list two. The major two everyone talks about.

1}:. The school district we live in sucks, horribly, and has gotten worst not better. I'm originally from Southern California and the education I received was 400% better than what is offered here in East Texas (sorry if this offends anyone).

2}:. We can't afford private school. I wish we could because there are a few good schools around here. Although I will have to pay for the supplies to educate Precious, it will not be near the cost of a private school.

Many people worry about the socialization of homeschool children and I'm not worried in this aspect. I plan to be sure Precious is given as many opportunities as possible. I am part of a local mom's group. We plan to join local homeschool groups and attend homeschool events available at the local museums and zoo. And we plan to enroll her in activity classes, whatever she desires, be it dance, music, art and/or sports.

Originally I had started homeschooling Precious in August of last year but it slowly fizzled out just before her birthday in October when several family issues came about. I tried my best to get us back on track and never could. I finally decided I would just keep her engaged in everyday things and worry about becoming more formal in the new school year (2011-2012).

To start off our journey this summer, I have ordered several different books on homeschooling and teaching styles. I plan to read each book and will give a review/summary. The books listed at the top of the posts are the books I'll be looking at. I have studied several other families throughout the blogging community and have listed favorites. I'm amazed at the strength that these families have and find them to be inspiring. I can only hope to inspire others as well.

I believe my style will be classical/eclectic. I got this idea from one specific book that I didn't list . The book is called "100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum", by Cathy Duffy. I had borrowed this from my local library last summer. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a better understanding of the style that is best for them.

I really am looking forward to this journey with Precious. God will guide us in the direction we are meant to follow. We are happy to have anyone tag along for the ride!

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