May 27, 2011

.:{ Book Review - Spring For Susannah }:.

Another book sneeze review! I wasn't quite into the story but I was definitely able to finish it in just a few days. It's a lovely story.

Spring For Susannah is Catherine Richmond's debut book. It was based in 1870s Dakota Territory. Susannah's parents have died and she is left without means to take care of herself. At the suggestion of her preacher's advise, she becomes a mail-order bride for her preacher's
brother in Dakota. She only does this for survival. She never had any intentions for marriage or love.

The brother, Jesse, and Susannah are direct opposites of each other. Susannah has a shy personality and Jesse is full of life and love for God. With a constant fear of being sent away, Susannah learns to accept Jesse's love. Jesse on the other
hand, at first, wasn't sure Susannah would fit into his dream of owning a large farm until he learned the value of Susannah's skills. Her father was a veterinary and she had learned her skills from him. Susannah proved her worth when she saved Jesse's ox and twin calves from a sure death. Soon love is found between them and Susannah learns to find her own strength from Jesse and God.

The story flows and it was easy to follow the characters. Some books can get quite complex, but luckily this author knows how to make it work. I wouldn't cross her off my list of authors to keep an eye on, but I just wish the story caught my attention like it might for others. Feel free to read this book, you won't be disappointed!

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